Lucia evening with low shoulders at the Textile Industry Museum

Sunday 13 December is Luciakveld with low shoulders with a pop-up shop and printing workshop and a good pre-Christmas atmosphere in the café at the Textile Industry Museum in Salhus.

Vaid Plantefargeri has a sales booth in the pop-up shop , where we sell perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Among other things: hand-dyed yarn, locally produced food products from the kitchen garden, hand-turned knitting accessories etc.

Program for the day is:

  • The café is open from 12-17 with serving of lice cats, cakes and mulled wine etc.
  • The museum shop is open at 12-17, with 10% on all items.
  • The pop-up shop is open at 12-17 at Spoleloftet. Exhibitors: Vaid Plantefargeri, Fjord Fibers, Ellen Hansen, Trine Sejrup, Silje Bergsvik, Anneli Belsvik Aras, Anne Welle and Gina Paola Ulland. More information about the product can be found on the Textile Industry Museum's website.
  • Printing workshop with Marianne Moe at Syloftet at 12-14. Printing on cloths, SEK 30 per cloth with direct payment to Marianne.
  • Borghild Rudjord Unneland has a tour of her exhibition It's not raining, it's tears in Gallery Salhus at 15: 30-16
  • Guided tour of the factory at 16.
Registration for printing workshop and guided tours:
Mandatory for the use of face masks, except when sitting at a table in the cafe.
Entrance NOK 50

The price includes guided tours, but these must be booked in advance due to limited places.