About us

My name is Sascha, and I am the founder of Vaid Design and a botanical dyer located in Bergen, Norway.

We are urban farmers who are self-sufficient with greens, vegetables, and dye plants. We use local natural resources for our hand-dyed yarns gathered in our garden and Bergen’s heather moors on Norway’s West Coast. We only use sustainable and abundant resources for our botanical dyes.

Our knitwear designs are inspired by traditional Norwegian knitwear, such as the Setesdal Lusekofte and Fana Cardigan, which have long cultural and historical traditions through history. The sizing and fit of our designs make them suitable for wear by all genders. The base colour is neutral, and the contrasting colour is created by a botanical dye.

Our threads’ wool is from local sheep farmers, which are spun at Norway’s oldest wool spinning mill founded in 1898 also located near Bergen. The exclusive products are made out of Norwegian wool. They are handcrafted with love to bring further joy to knitters and wool enthusiasts worldwide.