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Hand-spun yarn by wheel

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Do you wish to learn to spin your yarn by wheel? Then you have the opportunity to join our course in hand-spun threads by a wheel.

The class takes place in a cosy setting at our wool shop at Hjelteryggen, 20 minutes from Bergen city centre.

You will learn how to spin and ply the threads with a wheel, and you will also learn how to prepare the wool by hand carding and a carding machine.

You will try different techniques adapted to your requests and skills, and the aim is for you to finish a full skein of 2-plied yarn. 

The instructor gives you a thorough introduction to the wheel and how it functions and prepares the wool for spinning.

If you are a beginner, the course gives you a thorough introduction to the world of hand-spun yarns. If you are an experienced spinner, you have the opportunity to learn new techniques.

There will be a maximum of four participants on the course to ensure each participant's training quality.


The day is a 1-day course and an inspiration day, where you get a taste of spinning your yarn with a wheel.

The day offers:

  • knowledge of different wool and sheep breeds
  • fibre handling
  • carding of wool
  • how to hand spin wool
  • how to make 2-plied yarn

The focus is on the skills and not the amount of yarn you can bring home.

You borrow the needed equipment on the course.


We use wool from a herd of Old Norse sheep that grazes in the sea gap in Øygarden. The yarn is soft and delicate, contains a lot of lanolin and provides durable thread.


The price includes:

  • Refreshments with coffee, tea and snacks.
  • One full skein of yarn.
  • Fibrous material used during the day.
  • Course booklet so you can continue to spin on at home.


After registering for the course, download the PDF-file with more information about the day.

The registration is binding upon purchase.